Life in the Islamic World How do ideas change the way people live?

The word "bazaar" is Persian and refers to the public market district in a town. These ancient markets with many stalls and shops sold both local and imported goods from all over the world. They were the forerunners of modern shopping centers that we know today.

Islamic civilization made important contributions to science, learning, and philosophy. This astrolabe advanced the Greek invention.

Omar Kayyam—known for his poetry—was also a mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer.

It took Shah Jahan's workers and craftsman more than 20 years to build the Taj Mahal.

A mosque is a Muslim house of worship.

A bazaar is a marketplace.

An astrolabe is a tool that helps sailors navigate by the positions of the stars.

To confirm is to prove that something is true; to remove doubt.

A minaret is the tower of a mosque from which Muslims are called to a prayer.

To publish is to produce the work an author, usually in print.

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