Cayman Islands By: Kassidy

Cayman Islands World Map


The Cayman Islands are an oversea territory of the United Kingdom, in the Caribbean Sea. The Cayman Islands comprises of three main islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. The islands are located South of Cuba and Northwest of Jamaica, also considered part of the geographic Western Caribbean Zone. The capital of the Grand Cayman, largest island of the three, is known as George Town.

Green Sea Turtle, Islands National Symbol


On May 10,1503 Christopher Columbus discovered the three islands when his ship was blown off course. Great Britain took control of the Cayman Islands, along with Jamaica under the treaty of Madrid in 1670. The Cayman Islands are mostly known for their supply of sea turtles,the harvesting of sea turtles to resupply passing ships was the first major economic activity on the islands. The islands original name is "Caimanas" which is derived from the Carib Indian word for reptiles, but short for Cayman

Cayman Islands Flag


The Cayman Islands Flag resembles a blue field with the flag of the UK in the upper-hoist quadrant. The coast of arms includes a crest with a pineapple, representing a connection with Jamaica, and a turtle, above the shield is a golden lion representing Great Britain. The islands national symbol is the green sea turtle. The Cayman islands main language is standard English that dates back to the 1730s. The Islands national symbol is the green sea turtle. Most of the population of the Cayman Islands live on the Grand Cayman, biggest of the three islands. The Cayman Islands nationality is known as Caymainians. The natural resources of the Cayman Islands includes fish, climate and beaches that bring in a ton of tourism.

Grand Cayman

Things To DO

The Cayman Islands are known for there many beaches and tourist attractions. Some of the well known attractions include Queen Elizabeth 11 Boatic Park, Stingray City, Cayman Island National Museum, Kaibo's Mongroves, Cayman Traditional Arts Centre, and the Seven Mile Beach. The Cayman Islands is also known for their downtown area where it is a shoppers haven, with stores filled with cultural goods from all around the island. The Cayman Islands National Museum is a former old courts building dedicated to preserving the Caymanian heritage. Opened in 1990, the museum contains over 8,000 items and artifacts.

Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach is known for its coral-sand beach and its clear blue water. The Seven Mile Beach is the most popular and most developed place of the Grand Cayman. The Beach houses the most luxurious resorts on the island. The beach is really only 6.3 miles long now, because breaking away of the beach occurred from hurricane Ivan.

Stingray City

Stingrays began gathering in a sandbar off the shore of the Grand Cayman decades ago, where fisherman would clean their fish in the shallow waters of a sandbar, when the fish were thrown overboard it became a feast for stingray. Eventually everytime a motor was heard from a boat, the stingrays would come out to be fed. Now the practice has become a tradition and divers could interact with the stingrays.

Botanic Park

The Queen Elizabeth 11 Botanic Park is an outdoor garden and wildlife facility located on the Grand Cayman Island. Things to do there include taking a a hike to the Woodland Trail and Blue Iguana Habitat where you can spot blue iguanas and other natural species. There is also a Floral Colour Garden, Orchid Exhibit, and Wetland.

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