What is a Manure Management Plan? And who needs it?

What is a Manure Management Plan?

A Manure Management Plan (MMP) determines manure and fertilizer application rates for each crop group, as well as manure application setbacks from environmentally sensitive areas.

Who needs a Manure Management Plan?

All farming operations, regardless of size, that generate or land apply manure or agricultural process wastewater. This includes:

  • Generated and imported manure and wastewater
  • Operations with livestock, even if no manure is mechanically spread on fields
  • All operations with pastures or animal concentration areas (ACAs)
  • Small hobby farms (goats, sheep, llamas, etc.) and horse operations

What goes into a Manure Management Plan?

  • Acres of operation available to land apply manure
  • Animals on operation
  • Farm maps
  • Crop rotation
  • Manure application rates
  • Location of environmentally sensitive areas (streams, wells, ponds, etc.) and setbacks for applying manure near these areas
  • Winter application requirements
  • Manure storage facility information
  • Manure stockpiling or stacking requirements
  • Animal Concentration Area (ACA) identification (barnyards, feedlots, exercise lots, etc.)
  • Record keeping sheets

Does this apply to your operation?

Lebanon County Conservation District can assist you in completing your own MMP! Contact Emily Collins, 717-277-5275 ext. 116 or emily.collins@lccd.org for more information or to arrange a meeting.


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