English Vocabulary fatima flores and ashley yniguez

Compensate- To give something, typically money, in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury incurred; recompense.

Example: My mother compensate my money because I lost her jewelry.

Conceive- A plan or idea in the mind.

Example: She was conceived when her mother was 51.

Derive- obtain something from a specified source.

Example: They derived great comfort from the assurance.

Diversity- the state of being diverse, variety.

Example: There was considerable diversity in the style of the reports.

Inhibit- hinder, restrain, or prevent an action or process.

Example: Cold inhibits plant grows.

Moderate-average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree.

Example :The moderate men on both sides opposed this action

Supplement: something that completes or enhances something else when added to it

Example: There was a supplement on the food.

Surpass: exceed; be greater than.

example: The person had surpassed the weight limit.

Tentative: not certain or fixed; provisional.

Example: She has a tentative schedule.

Verify:make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified.

Example: I had to verify that what he was telling me was the truth.

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