Rehearsal Live Share 1.05 Multitrack Recording. Scroll Down For More

Everybody Has A Part

You can now use RLS to create multitrack recordings of your session. The function is included with both RMS Coach (for MIDI backing) and RMS Mix (for audio backing). Capture the session you sing or play; each participant gets his or her own track. These tracks can be combined with the backing track and further edited/mastered in your favorite DAW (Logic, ProTools, etc.) - and then shared back to your ensemble...or the world!

What To Expect?

In keeping with our goals of rolling out new features as fast as possible, we are releasing this before our larger interface plans are in place. In time, we will make this data shareable in a user-friendly fashion. You can look forward to sending data to all participants, directly from the session - and playing back that data within the session. That way, participants can hear and work with their ensemble mates in subsequent rehearsal runs, albeit from a previous recording. We believe this way the music will coalesce, just as if you were in the same room.

In the meantime, this first option is for users who are already accustomed to working with audio in commercial programs like Logic or ProTools. We will post help articles and video tutorials on the process soon, and we will of course be ready by phone and email for additional support.

Our Content Or Yours

Remember: even though we started by working with existing musical theatre titles (and RLS will be available for anybody who purchases a RLS-enabled resource for one of those titles), you are not limited to that. Our RMS Creator platform allows you to use RLS with any content you have or create: a choral concert, a voice lesson, a swing band, an original musical, a musical we haven't personally developed - anything.

We'll Keep It Coming!

  • Currently supports 20 person remote rehearsals
  • Synchronized
  • MIDI or standard audio (mp3, wav)
  • Multichannel playback and recording
  • So much more to come!