Down-to-earth Communication the importance of communicating sustainability to all humans


A Communication and Women's Leadership major walks into an Agroecology class...sounds like a bad joke...

I had a background knowledge of biology and ecology, but I was still a little overwhelmed. Certain things were everyday knowledge for others while it was a completely new idea for me. This made me think about the importance of making sustainability something that all can understand...


  • communication across fields of study
  • communication on a local scale
  • communication on a global scale
  • understanding in everyday communication

Learning from past inadequacies

sustainable practices should not be limited to those who have access to more resources

  • the not-so revolution that was the Green Revolution
  • ecology, society, economy
  • we cannot act a separate entities and expect to shift sustainability form a concept to an everyday action

Why is this an issue?

"The goal of conventional agriculture is maximizing production, when other goals like cultural survival, social bonds, and of course, environmental sustainability are just as important as production."-Vandermeer, 2011

need for accessibility

lack of understanding within the intersectionality of sustainability

  • research being aware of differing socio-economic conditions
  • different educational backgrounds
  • essential to involve all businesses (IEMA)

Costa Rica example

sustainability for all

ways to move towards accessible sustainability

  • research for all levels with a focus on local
  • adapting to different levels of education
  • make sustainability about more than just the environment
  • make it an everyday topic of conversation

Everyday steps for you

Getting help.
Establishing a starting point.
Talking to children, families and colleagues.
Being realistic.
Making it meaningful.

class to do list

what we could do as a class

  • talk about what you learned here when you get home
  • always think about accessible solutions
  • use words and concepts all can understand
  • keep it simple

don't let your education get to your head.

What else can you do?

my humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.

-Desmond Tutu

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