Claire Seigmund's Genius Hour

Blog Post 5

This week, I have taken the time to perfect my final product for this Genius Hour project, which is another Spark Page dedicated to statistics on sexual assault on high school and college campuses. I have also created a Google Form to use as a survey for the people who viewed my Spark Page. It asked questions about how the viewer's opinion on sexual assault has changed after interpreting the statistics. I have learned that many of the people I sent the survey to have been surprised by the facts about rape. Creating this project helped me learn that if I want to spread awareness about an issue and make a difference, I truly can with hard work. The sources of research that I have used are the surveys that I have sent out. Many of the responses that were sent back gave me important feedback on how my Spark Page informed them on the topic. Next, I plan to prepare for my final presentation in front of my class next week. That is where I will be explaining my process of how I created this product and how it helped spread awareness of sexual assault on high school and college campuses.

Blog Post 4

Throughout the last week that I have spent researching and preparing my final product, I have learned the true seriousness behind the awareness of sexual assault. I have also learned that I am convinced that I can try to make a difference by spreading awareness as I get closer to the end of this project. I have continued to gather information from the first two websites that I have used in the past. I interpreted the statistics and formed them into a couple of diagrams and images depicting the affects of sexual violence and who experiences these crimes. I have made a few posts on my other Spark Page, but I plan to make a few more in the next week. I have also created a survey through Google Forms that I plan to send to a couple of my peers, along with the link to the Spark Page for them to visit. The survey asks questions about how they felt after viewing my page and if their thoughts on sexual violence have changed. Finally, I plan to round up their responses and see if creating the Spark Page has truly spread awareness of sexual assault. I know that if I have experienced emotional change while creating this project, others will too.

Blog Post 3

This week, I have gone more in depth when it came to my research. I have acquired more specific statistics about sexual crimes on high school and college campuses. Looking at these facts opened up a world of realization for me. Sexual assault has become more and more common among these places, involving mostly women and those who are a part of minority groups. This has given me a renewed passion to do something to try and stop these crimes. To find these statistics, I used two websites. The first website I used, entitled Know Your IX, gave information regarding sexual violence on college campuses. Secondly, I used a website entitled Al Jezeera America, which provided information about sexual assault in high school. Both of these websites gave statistics about different groups of people who were sexually assaulted on campus, and how they compare to other groups who experienced the same thing. From here, I plan to use the information I have gathered from the past couple of weeks to create visual aids, such as charts and graphs, to post on the new Spark Page I created to spread the message of the harm of sexual crimes. Then, I plan to share the page with peers of mine and then ask them to complete a survey of how their views of sexual assault changed after interpreting the statistics.

Blog Post 2

After doing some more research this week, I have learned some more information about my Genius Hour topic. I have learned that the definition of sexual assault is any sexual contact that occurs without consent from the victim. The perpetrator may advance on their victim both physically and psychologically to get the victim to comply. I am surprisingly more excited about this project now that I have acquired more information, which tells me that I am eager to spread the message and help others fight against rape. For my first source, I visited the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) website to find out the basic definition of sexual assault and other statistics. This website was loaded with useful information, and I will absolutely be using it to help create my public service announcements about the dangers of sexual assault. From here, I plan to expand my research and see what groups of people in society are the biggest targets for rape and if there are any causes or triggers that have anything to do with it. Also, I can research the patterns seen by law enforcement to determine what types of people are committing these crimes. I will eventually use this information to create public service announcements that I will share on a website that I plan to create.

Blog Post 1

For my Genius Hour project, I have decided to focus on how I can spread awareness of high school and college sexual assault. This topic is important to me because sexual crimes have been committed for ages, and it is time for us to put an end to it. Sexual assault takes power away from the victim and feeds it directly to the person who assaulted them. This creates a dangerous environment for minority groups and types of people who do not have a great amount of power in society. One of our universal goals in society is to make everyone equal, however, that cannot happen with these types of crimes taking place. One of my goals for this project is to create a useful website containing information about sexual assault. Another goal of mine is to actually spread a message about sex crimes so that anyone who views the website takes something away from it. I can measure my goals by progressively checking on how much content I have added to my website, and I can add a survey for the visitors that include questions about what they have learned after looking at some of the statistics and public service announcements.

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