Feminism By: briannah Wagner

What is Feminism?

What is the definition of feminism? Most think it is an excuse for women to become superior to men and hate them for no apparent reason. This is not the case at all; feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Any true feminist is truly fighting for women to become equal and have the exact same rights that any other man does. For decades women have been oppressed with no rights that are virtually theirs. In 1848 the Senica Falls convention was held and had all feminist there to support the cause of women gaining the right to vote.

What has Feminism done for American Society?

Feminism has begun changing because there are many different issues that are coming to light that are changing society. The pay gap became a very big issue that mainly separates men and women from fighting problems together. There has been research that has shown that women get paid significantly lower than men in the United States. Feminism took this problem on and began fight for equal pay. Rape culture has become a popular topic because it involves how women are looked out now. Many women are fighting that it is not the woman or girl’s fault that she was raped, and feminists around the country are trying to get women to see it is not shameful and that it can be spoken up about.

What is the opposition to feminsim?

There are many views that do oppose feminism and that disregard the triumphs that have been done for the movement and American society. Feminism is more of a liberal cause and is ran by very liberal followers, so the opposite viewpoints of feminism would of course be others with conservative points of view. One issue that is not agreed upon between feminist and conservatives would be the issue of abortion. Most conservatives believe that women should have the right to have an abortion, but part of the feminist movement is keeping that right to all women. So, naturally these two groups commonly bump heads regularly about hard pressed issues.


Today in America Feminism has swept the nation. It has greatly changed over the years since the first meeting in Senica Falls. Women involved within this strong political pillar in America is what is making up today’s society. Feminism has helped women in great trials that have happened in history. This group has brought serious problems to light and has brought back rights that have been infringed on. It has done amazing things for society, and it will continue to help all women. Feminism will triumph on through all tests and trials and that what is brought about to American society.


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Briannah Wagner


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