Look and Live God gave an option to live

The Israelite was hungry and thirsty, most of them were already complaining to the leader of the group, Moses. They complained to Moses and already, God have provided them everything they need. They seems like they already have what they needed. However, they did not appreciate God's providence. They still complain and still test God for his love for the Israelite.

Complain God's providence or accept it

To these complaining Israelite, God have punished them. He sent serpents that held poison, and many died because of this unexpected appearance. Now, the Israelite finally apologized to Moses and God. As they have asked for prayer, Moses prayed to God for the death to stop. God have said to Moses, "Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten will look at it and live." Just like what God have commanded, Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on the pole. Magically, when the bitten Israelite looked at it, they lived.

We have interviewed one of the people who was in the group lead by Moses, John to tell us what happened during the great adventure. He have answered our question and said, "Well, I couldn't believe just looking at the bronze snake will just heal me. It's just a snake on the pole! How would that help?"

We have interviewed another person named Daniel. He have said, "I looked at the snake and that is why I am here. God have provided us a choice to believe and live, or do not believe and die. That day should have been the best day of my last seeing the wisdom and the choice God gave us."

Now, what will you do? Believe and live, or do not believe and die?


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