Kylie Dawson science

In 2017 we leared about force

In science one thing we learned about is force i thought that force was intriguing because you learned about how and why things move which is more interesting then you think and the way Mrs.Greene teaches it makes it vary fun. One project we did was we made a boat and we put it on a water track and then we had fan and you turned it on.Sonthing instrasting is you use force in your on daily life like i ride horses and i have to use force to mack my horse move and i ride bull's and i will get disqualified if I do not spur the bull. So it is prety cool that you can relate to the stuff you are doing at home to science

A couple of things about me is i own almost 30 animals, i am a barrel racer, a bull rider, and i travel a lot i have been to more then 20 states and this summer it will be my first time going out of the country. I am not originally from Texas i was born in omah Nebraska my home town is taber lowa 45 minutes from omah and go to see my family a lot.

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