My year abraod Scott Sprauer

Where I came From
The Places i have traveled

London, England

I really enjoyed London. It was a must go for me, being only an hour's train ride away from my university. I was able to go multiple times. I was surprised on how big London is. There are so many different areas with many things to do, so it is hard to get bored in London. One of my favorite things to do was go to the top of the Shard, the tallest building in London, and have a drink with my friends. London was fun, and a must do. However, after the third time it got pretty boring, and it is very annoying dealing with the massive crowds and expensive food.

Val Thorens, France

I was lucky to visit Val Thorens to snowboard. I absolutely love snowboarding, and this mountain was amazing. It has a very open lay out with lifts all around. This resort has everything for any level of skier. Unfortunately, this mountain does come with big crowds, but I did not experience a lift line longer than ten minutes.

Milan, Italy

Milan was an interesting trip. There is not a ton to do, unless you are into fashion. I went with my friends and had a blast on the night outs. Other than that there wasn't a ton to partake in.

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland was fantastic. We went for St. Patrick's day which was crazy and very crowded. However, this is a very beautiful place. I enjoyed every aspect of this city. I also loved the tours out to the country side. The country is breathtaking and has much to offer. It was gorgeous and very fun.

Trier, Germany

I went here just because it was the closest to my friends place. There isn't anything to do here. Just a very cool German town. We only were there for a day, and that was good enough for me.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was gorgeous. I did not know too much about it before i went. I was pleasantly surprised. I went with a group for New Year's and had a blast. The scenery and town are amazing. Going during Christmas time just made the city even more pretty, however, it was extremely cold and i had to put on many layers.

Brussles, Belgium

This place was also a blast. I did not do too much here as I was only there for two days. One of my favorite things was the main square of Brussels, and a bar that had hundreds of different beers to taste. Again, this city is so pretty and so different than I am used to. I enjoyed every second I was there.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam was a good surprise as well. All I heard about this place was the legal drugs and red light district, so I went in with low expectations. I was very surprised, and fell in love with this city. The city layout is one of the coolest cities I have seen, with many different canals running through and around the city. The red light district and the party part was also very interesting to see and walk around in as well!

Paris, France

Paris was a must when I came to Europe. It was everything I was expecting. Amazing scenery, art museums, and restaurants. I was able to go to many of the museums and saw many famous paintings. The many different parks and monuments made every turn very fun. I didn't have a single bad bit a food here. Everything tasted delicious and was reasonably priced! The Eiffel Tower was so cool. It is a must when you go and doesn't let down!

Barcelona, Spain

This was one of my favorite places to visit. I wanted a warm week and i got it here! The city is very pretty, and has some pretty nice beaches. The food here was also extraordinary. My favorite thing about this place was that there is a beach to go to and hang out, and there are many very cool museums and things to see inside the city. This city has all the ingredients for a good vacation!

Some Pictures from my time Abroad


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