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Our Spokesperson

Our spokesperson is Mr. Wholey. We chose him to be our spokesperson because as the coach of the Maverick basketball team, he has the unique opportunity of connecting with the athlete community, especially at McCarthy.

Our Logo

Our logo showcases an array of inspiring phrases, and promotes our social media sites. The basketball element of our logo appeals to one of our target audiences, basketball players. This element also appeals to younger people that are simply fans of basketball, not exclusively those who are on the a team. Through the balance between religious symbolism and phrasing, and modern forms of entertainment such as basketball, we've crafted a logo that both appeals to a younger audience and keeps our core message in mind.

The Early and Modern Church

The mission of the Catholic Church is to spread the Gospel and the word of Christ. According to Catholic New Agency, it is here to continue the work of Jesus. The New Evangelization calls for us to preach the word of the Gospel. It was established to renew our relationship to Jesus Christ and the church, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. A difference from now and the old was that eternity was such a big topic, it no longer is as death has become a taboo topic. "Another distinction to be made between the New Evangelization and the old, is that the early Christians did not expect the unbeliever or the sinner to come to them. Instead, they went out to the public forum to meet sinners" (Catholic News Agency) this quote illustrates a fundamental difference between the new and old Evangelization. Another change is that instead of reaching out to non believers, today, we sort of expect non believers to come to the church. The new evangelization is relevant to this campaign as we are using the new evangelization to spread the word of Christ in young teens in high school. We are trying to attract the youth to come back to the church.

Our Purpose

One of the biggest issues the church has right now is that people aren't willing to attend Sunday Mass. To some people mass is either boring or too long, or you could just blame technology people are more inclined to be on there phone throughout the day then go to Church. Or they just feel out of place. In order for this to change the church needs to interact with people whether it be by encouraging them to download and app that reminds them of weekly mass they day if or before. The app should also encourage the people to pray on a daily basis as giving thanks to God should be a key in everybody's life.

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Media Campaigns

Our hashtag is #comeback2church. We decided that this short and simple message would be both effective in communicating our message and something that younger people would be comfortable using. This, combined with our slogan "Revolutionizing the way you see the church." helps us to spread our campaign as far as possible.

Mass attendance has been at a constant decline in recent years

Our Roots

The history of the early church is an inspiring story found at the heart of our campaign. In the Christian Faith every christian believes the Jesus christ established the Catholic Church, a community of faith, love, and hope for all believers. Jesus did three major things that established the church. First, Jesus anointed a head priest or pope to carry on his work, this person was Peter. Jesus made Peter the head of the Catholic Church. In (Matthew 16:18) Jesus said to Peter, " You are Rock and on this rock I will build my church" this made Peter the visible head of the church. Second Jesus gave Peter people to help carry on his word these people could be known as priests or cardinals today. These were the apostles, Jesus gave Peter and the apostles the power to carry out his work. In (Matthew 18:18) " Whatever you bind on earth will be heaven bound" Third Jesus gave peter and the apostles commands on the last supper. Jesus commanded " Do this in memory of me" (Luke 22:19) showing us communion that we do at church every mass, he also commanded to " Make disciples of all nations, Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature" (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15) He commanded Peter and his disciples to spread his word and build his church.

The Apostles

Through our work here at The Church Today, we make it our highest priority to continue the message of the Apostles by helping people become more in touch with God by attending mass. One key apostle in the early church was Andrew. The brother of Peter, Andrew is considered to be one of the four closest apostles to Jesus. Andrew is often referred to as the "Apostle of the Greek World", from his frequent trips to spread the word of God to the people of Greece (National Catholic Register). Another key apostle in spreading the word of Jesus was Peter. Peter played a vital role in carrying out the ministry of Christ and was the leader of the twelve apostles (The Colombian Encyclopedia 6th Edition). Peter played a vital role in the conversion of non-Jews to Christianity ( One example of this is when he went to the home of a Roman officer and converted his entire family to Christianity (Acts 10:22-48). Finally, Peter spoke out to the Early Church about becoming more tolerant towards converts to Christianity that were not originally Jewish in Acts 15. One more apostle that was active after the Ascension of Christ is John. John is unique in that he was assigned to take care of Mary after the death of Jesus. He is also the apostle credited with writing the Book of Revelation.


Below is a digital version of a brochure that we created as promotional material for our campaign.

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