CREATE - Logic/Mathematical OPTION 2 : LEARNING INTENTION: Be able to depict accurately historical events or lives of people from the past in cartoon form.

INQUIRY QUESTION: How accurately can history be depicted in cartoons?


Make a cartoon strip (on paper or electronic cartoon generator) to accurately depict a significant event or the life of a significant individual from the Middle Ages (a battle like the Battle of Hastings, a punishment like that of Joan of Arc, one of the Crusades etc).

You will need to research your chosen topic (unless using research from anĀ earlier task) and show your analysis and CUP evaluation of at least 2 primary and 2 secondary sources (Don't forget to use the 3 Level Analysis Strategy for visual sources).

Be sure to place the event/individual in a chronological framework (with reference to other things going on at that time in that place). Also, make reference to the information found in your research (ie. actual quotes said, places visited, relationships had etc.)

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I successfully created a cartoon strip that shows:

K&U (Concepts): Evidence; Change & Continuity; Cause & Effect; Perspectives; Empathy; Significance; Contestability
SKILLS: Chronology; Analysis & use of Sources; Perspective & Interpretation; Explanation & Communication

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