The world according to Hunter g.


I don't think that Mount Everest is worth the risk. One example why I don't think it's safe is because of a desease you can get on Mount Everest. If you haven't acclimated to the mountain, then you can get very sick and possibly die. Also, tons of snow boulders can fall at any point during the journey and there is only limited oxygen you have up on Mount Everest. These are a few reasons why I don't think that Mount Everest is worth the risk
I think that globalazation has helped the world get better because of any reasons. One reason why I think this way is because of increased competition. When many businesses bloom and use other countries to make their product, there are also other buisnesses. This also helps for todos and services to go up as well. Many buisnesses making products means many different places to choose from which helps our economy.


Question: What makes a good citizen? A good citizen has both rights and responsibilities . A right is something that any American citizen can do like freedom of speech and speaking your mind. A responsibility is something that you should do that you have the responsibility to elect a representative to serve your country. It is also a responsibility to stay informed with society. You should also obey the laws and pay your taxes so you won't get in trouble with your authorities such as the government or the police, the taxes we pay goes toward schools and other buildings and highways.
Democracy is the most effective type of government because the citizens run the government because they all have a write to vote and they all have freedom of speech to speak up to what they think is right. Also, democracies have fair elections and citizens vote for their representatives to represent the country. That is why democracies are the most effective type of government
There are centripetal forces that bring the EU together. One example is the cultural belonging of EU. The EU have their own flag and they have a Europe day in May and it makes citizens of the EU feel like they are part of a big community. Another example is that they have a trade bloc. The trade bloc helps with economic activity and the countries would be able to trade with other countries which altogether, the continent of Europe has better economic activity than the US. There are also centrifugal forces that bring the EU apart. One example is the euro, most countries took up the euro when the EU was formed but there are still some that didn't. Denmark, Croatia, and Bulgaria are among those who didn't. This makes it harder to use currency in different countries in the EU. These are only a few of the things that unite and differentiate the EU.
There are 2 common ways that people have adapted to desert environments. One way is by living near oases where there, you can trade and grow produce and sell popular crops called cash crops . There is clean water and offers shading from the sun. There is also date palms there which is very useful for many different things. The other way people have adapted to the desert is by their clothing. They wear nice long robes to reflect the sunlight and protect them from the burning sun. These are some of the ways people have thrived in the desert.
I feel a little sad and I did not know how much these people went through. They lost all they had and left their home country to escape this despair. They go to these overcrowded refugee camps and only get certain things. This is defiantly something valuable to discuss and talk about because it shows us how lucky we are to be safe and loved. This helps spread awareness to other people so they can help these poor people. This community work gives you a sense of being part of something bigger than yourselves. These discussions impacted me very hard and now I now how these poeple survive.


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