Rachel Platten The girl with the Heart of gold

Sure there are many famous singers but Rachel Platten stands out in a different way. Rachel Platten has come to many accomplishments as a singer, but her biggest accomplishment was her song “Fight Song”. “ Fight Song” is about self doubt. Rachel Platten wrote it when she was going through a rough time in her career. None of the record companies she went to wanted to sign her. Soon she started to doubt herself and to pull herself out of the rough times. She did what she does best she wrote a song. Once she finished writing “Fight Song” before it was first played on the radio it was in The prom episode of “Pretty Little Liars”. Once “Fight Song” played on the radio within three minutes after the song finished playing she had several offers from big record labels. Rachel Plattens "Fight song" is just 1 way she sticks out her childhood is filled with way more.

Not only has Rachel Platten come to many large accomplishments, but another thing that makes her stick out is how she became so famous. Rachel Platten became famous when one of her songs “1000 Ships” was in the top 25 on the music charts. Which is a big deal for her because it was one of her fist songs. Another thing that made her so famous is that she was on the “Radio Disney Music Awards” performing “Fight Song”. “Fight Song” was promoting to change the world even with those challenges that occur. She sang this while they presented two teens with an award and money to keep running their organizations. Rachel Platten has also changed the world for others with her kind and warming heart.

Among all the the kind and generous hearts in the world, Rachel Platten has a heart of gold. She not only cares about her family, but she cares about her fans most of Rachel Plattens fans are sick in the hospital or have some type of mental condition and she loves hearing all of there stories. Rachel loves staying in touch with her fans when “Fight Song” came out she asked her fans to use the #thisismyfightsong and share their personal stories on instagram she got 6,634 responses. Rachel Platten is continuously sharing her love and support with all her fans. As you can see Rachel Platten has come to many large accomplishments, experience and fans with all different stories that she loves is what makes her stick out in a different way.

Big photo on left wildlife album. Small photo on left be here album small photo on right fight song album photo on bottom right live,with love, from milkboy
Bottom left Scene from Stand by you. Bottom right photo in wildlife album.

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