Everyone needs to eat, guess what the Chimariko people eat?

The Chimariko Indians mostly fed on fish

If everyone has to eat, than so do the Chimariko Indians. First of all, Chimariko Indians catch and eat salmon and other fish.Second, the Trinity River is small and is fast-flowing with the Chimariko's food source. Third, to get fish they use nets or traps to catch their food. The fish man wanted into water.Last, sometimes they use there hands to catch fish to get there food source.Every one have to eat than do you know what does the Chimariko people eat?

Now you know about there food and now I am going to talk about there land

they live near the trinity river

Now I am going to talk about the land. FACT 1: They live near the Trinity River.

If every one has different language than what does Chimariko people speak? First of all, they are the Hokan family. Second of all, There language has not been spoken for generations. Third of all, because of there language, they have been destroy. Last, there language extinct in northern California.

FACT 2:there land was not that dry, it was wet.


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