The Data Story of Switzerland, Eritrea, & Ethiopia By: Kenny & Archana

In this Adobe Page we’ll be discussing the relationship between Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Switzerland by analyzing the life expectancy and GDP of each country and how they correlate with each other.

Introduction to Eritrea and Ethiopia

Eritrea and Ethiopia are Third World Countries in the continent of Africa.

Major changes between Eritrea and Ethiopia

2000 Ethiopia and Eritrea war

There was a slight decrease of GDP for Eritrea.

Eritrea’s life expectancy also dropped from 59 (1997) to 37.6 (2000).

Whereas with Ethiopia because they won the war, GDP and life expectancy continued to increase with some changes in the GDP between 1972 and 1992.

Introduction to Switzerland

Switzerland is a First World Country in the continent of Europe. It has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Its GDP is also high comparative to other countries in the world.

Major changes in Switzerland

February Revolution: Income dropped because of the revolution causing life expectancy to also drop. The revolution caused people to get less money, which prevented them from getting their basic needs.

After the February revolution switzerland has consistently shown a positive trend. The life expectancy has raised as the income raised through the years

Switzerland vs. Eritrea and Ethiopia

Compared to Switzerland ( where there weren’t many major changes in the GDP and life expectancy), Eritrea and Ethiopia had very major changes in their life expectancy and GDP. Both lowered really rapidly through that specific time. Switzerland on the other hand didn’t have many changes other than the February Revolution. After that Switzerland's GDP and life expectancy has been steadily increasing. Currently Switzerland has a higher GDP and life expectancy trend then Eritrea and Ethiopia. I think this is because over the years Switzerland became more developed and that caused the GDP and life expectancy.


One predictions we have are that Switzerland will continue to rise in life expectancy. Another prediction we have is that Ethiopia life expectancy will continue to stay the same, because their economy hasn’t risen and has stayed the same.

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