Chaco National Park By, Emily C.Good

Finally after my mom woke up we decided to go to Chetro Ketl. It is one of the biggest pueblos. It has over 500 rooms also has 12 kivas. The great kiva is in the courtyard. The lower rooms were for storage. The upper rooms were for living quarters. But when me and my family went we liked the upper rooms the best.

This is a kiva.

The next day after we had a long disagreement of where we wanted to go we settled on Una Vida. It is a Chacoan "great house". It has a lot of levels to go on. It is a public building. It has very little damage. Also close to normal preservation. I loved seeing this. It was amazing how it had only close to no repairs. I loved it it had so much to see my mom started to get angry because my dog wouldn't behave.

Una Vida Great house.

The next morning our last day we already knew where we were going. To Hungo Pavi is once again a Chacoan great house. It has over 150 rooms. Also has a great kiva, and has an "enclosed plaza". I loved going to see this because all the history is so interesting. Also you don't see this kind of stuff everyday. This was a great way to end the trip.

Una Vida staircase behind Hungo Pavi.

The drive home was horrible. The whole 2,016 miles of it. But all in all I had the time of my life it was so much fun all the history was amazing. I hope to it all again soon, because my family loved it too. Someday I want to become a tour guide there. This trip was so. Much fun when I get home I am going to write all about it.

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