WW2 eli Eli davis 28

Germany had been going through rough times so they need to get ou of it. One man change that Adolf hittler. Imedetly he started to attake. White his special cops natzez.

The Japanese emperor of Japan Hirohito lost much of his power military leaders took control of every thing. Hideki Tojo was named prime minster. Decided to conquer Asia and Pacifi.

Adolf hittler became a leader of a political party National Socialists or Nazis. He took control of Germany. He hated Jews you was force to go to prisons called concentration camps many Jews were threw into to die or work. He invadeEurope, Paris.

Benito Mussolini took power of Italy both him and Adolf hittler went to men tings together he invade Ethiopia, assist Spain.

Francico Franco took over Spain he was also the youngest general at the age 33.

Joseph Stalin was a soilvet dictator after there other leaders death.The Russians had been defeated and the government was fledging from the scene in a violent times.

The US was trying to be neutral because they were going through a big depression so they really couldn't spend money on war supply's.But on a earlyDecember morning ever thing would change.

1922 Benito Mussolini takes power over Italy with the help of Francisco Franco.1924 Joseph Stalin took control of Solvate Union 1917 Russian Revolution. 1931 Japan invades Manchuria and other parts off China. 1935 Mussolini invades Ethiopia. 1938 Britain and France sign the Munich Agreement hoping it will end Hilttlers aggression toward other nations. 1939 Germany ignores theAgreement and invades Poland. 1940 Germany invades Europe,Pairs Britain.

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