Irena Sendler By: Zahra wehbi alvarez


She was born on Feburary 15 1910 in Warsaw. She had a dad who was a phisician named Dr. Stanislaw krzyzanowski and also a mom named Janina. She was a only child. She studied polish literature at Warsaw.


She became a nurse, humanitarian, and a social worker. She served in the polish underground during world war ll and was head of children's section of council to aid the Jews. She married Mieczysław Sendler in 1931 but they got a divorce in 1947. Then she married a university Jewish friend named Stefan Zgrzembski and had three kids: Janina, Andrzej (who died in infancy), and Adam who died of heart failure in 1999. In 1959 she divorced Stefan and remarried Mieczysław Sendler who she ended up divorcing again. Irena ,assisted by 2 dozen other people from the council to aid the Jews, was able to smuggle approximately 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto and getting them false identity documents and shelters outside the Ghetto saving the children from a Holocaust.

Irena in her work uniform


The Warsaw ghetto is where the Jews would get put into so the nazi's could kill them.

Irene's gifts and abilities

courage: I think courage because even though they might kill her for smuggling Jewish children from a holocaust she knew it was the right thing to do and she did it without thinking about her self and the if's and but's.

Selfless: she was also selfless because she didn't think about how if they found out she would get into trouble, she just thought about those children and how they deserved to be free.

PRUDENCE: She showed prudence because she knew what the right was and she sticker to it without letting it go. She didn't just say, " oh yeah it's the right thing to do but they yare going to kill me if I do it" she actually said its the right thing to do and I'm going to do it.

JUSTICE: She showed justice because she gave those children there freedom and there justice to be free in the world.

FORTITUDE: She showed fortitude because she was able to be strong and do what she wanted to do. She wasn't being pulled back by all her weeknesses.

HUMILITY: Irena showed humility because she barley cared about what happened to her she just wanted to get the kids safe in the adoptive homes.

Her weaknesses

TEMPERANCE: She showed a bit of temperance but usually she didn't because when we talked about who she married and all that she did that for her own pleasure she didn't see that she was marrying different people for her own pleasure.


- Irena was honoured by international Jewish organizations.

- In 1965 Irena was accorded the title of RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATIONS.

- In 1991 Irena was made a honorary citizen of Israel.

- Irena was Poland's highest distinction in 2003 by the white eagle.

- Irena was the winner of Jan Karski award for Valor and Courage.

- Irena was officially designated a national hero in Poland.

- In 2007 Irena was nominated to receive noble peace prize.


What I admire about Irena Sendler is that she was able to do the right thing without being selfish or even being not as strong. I think we should all try to be like Irena. We don't have to smuggle 2,500 children from a holocauste but the least we can do is be able to do the right thing all the time at school, at home anywhere.

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