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My name is Taylor, and I am turning 17 this summer. I am a junior in high school. I love being able to create art and cook. My favorite pieces of literature is Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

View (Mystery)

This piece was inspired by my love for seashells, I was thinking of making a piece of work that doesn't scream boring. So I added a channel mixer and threshold on it. I would like people to see it and try to guess what it is.


This piece was inspired by some of my relatives always drinking beer and watching discs while ignoring his family. The black and white was to represent how his life has become dull. The c.d.s and the beer caps explains it.

In My Mind

This lovely piece of bright colors was a project assigned to show what represents yourself and what you are interested in. For me, I love music, so I included my favorite singers, and characters from my favorite book series. There is also the galaxy which represents the infinite amount of possibilities for me.

Letters are found in the common objects!

For this project, I had the task of looking for letters in the most weirdest objects. In the hand rail, I found a B, the chalkboard had a Y. The stool had an A, and the student chair has a N in it.

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Taylor Nguyen

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