the undiscovered trip on the road with Mom ... again

Lodging: The Las Vegas Hilton (now Hilton Grand Vacation on the Las Vegas Strip)

Food: Benihana at The Las Vegas Hilton

Today I was supposed to meet my mother at the Charlotte airport for a flight to Las Vegas that would start our uncharted trip to somewhere. That's right, we didn't know where we'd be going. Only problem was, the weather at my home airport was awful and my flight was delayed.

Delayed enough to miss my connection in CLT.

Not delayed enough, however, for my luggage to miss the connection.

My new flight arrived in Las Vegas about two hours after my original flight.

Flying into las vegas

When we landed, I had a text messages from my mother indicating that she was in the baggage claim area with my bag. WTF?

I asked if she were sure it was my bag?! I could hardly believe it when it was my bag.

We picked out a rental car, and headed off to the Las Vegas Hilton where we were spending our first night west. The hotel itself was fine, but I'd forgotten about smoking in Las Vegas. I have never understood smoking. You cough and retch with the first puff, but some folks decide to "get over that" in order to be a smoker? I'm confused.

Trying to keep on east coast time, we were at Benihana just about as soon as the doors opened.

Dinner and show was good ... typical Benihana. Eating within the hotel was nice, though. As the driver, I didn't have to worry about how much wine I had.

We went to bed without really deciding what we'd do on the trip. We agreed we'd look at the weather in the AM, and pick a direction based on that.

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