My Relationship w/ Technology <3 by: Dale lee baker jr.

First event:Some time around January 2006, my relationship with technology had sparked. During this momentous time in my life I had just acquired Super Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS, and I was officially hooked. I couldn't put down that game to save my life, thus sparking a flame in interest in technology. Yes, my first love in technology was Super Mario Kart.

Second Event: 2006 was a great year i had with technology. Not only did I get Mario Kart on the DS, but I also won my first computer. I entered a essay contest at a church by my house and the winners were supposed to get their own laptops. This was probably the easiest essay contest I have ever entered because 45 out of 48 of the people who entered got a computer. I was kind of let down though... because the contest said that we were supposed to win dell laptops, but all got Dell desktops. Never less, I still had a good time with it.

Third event: In 2008, I got my second cell phone stolen out my locker. I was in 6th grade, I put my cellphone in my locker through the duration of class (first mistake) and after class I came to my locker and my cellphone was gone... forever....

Created By
Dale Baker


Created with images by freephotocc - "cup of coffee laptop office" • goodrob13 - "Mario Kart Wii promo event, NYC, 4/24/08 - 3 of 16" • Pexels - "apple books computers" • Mark Morgan Trinidad B - "No Cellphones"

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