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The SoundLink Mini II is one of the best selling products from Bose and is a small portable speaker, with a loud powerful voice.

The small speaker with dimensions of 51 x 180 x 58mm and weighing only 0.68kg, is easily portable, with a low centre of gravity, making it hard to tip over. The sounds produced are loud and clear, making music sound rich and deep, with advanced echo cancellation, giving you a new experience. With the capability of loud music, as well as allowing speakerphone calls to be made, the Bose SoundLink Mini II is extra useful for business travellers, the home-office, and teenagers looking for a good time.

It comes with a long 10-hour battery life, giving no road trip a boring moment, and can be charged on most USB power sources, also coming with a charging cradle. The top-notch audio is wrapped in a stylish 700 gram casing in scratch-resistant anodised aluminium. It can be paired with any Bluetooth® device – within 9m. It is available in two colours which are Pearl and Carbon, and different coloured cases can also be purchased for $30.

The Mini II can simultaneously connect to two devices, such as a phone and a tablet, while also storing the eight most recently used Bluetooth devices in memory to avoid having to pair up a device each time. It's also easier to make that initial connection thanks to voice prompts which guide you through the process.

At $299 AUD, the Bose SoundLink Mini II definitely gives you the most out of what you pay for.

Factors Affecting Choice...

Key factors have affected my choice of the Bose SoundLink Mini II are product reviews on this and competing products, price, marketing, and features of the product.

The product reviews are the most important part of making my decision, because it enables me to view the product through other consumer’s eyes, and what real people think about this speaker; both the good and the bad. This is important because products are always marketed very well to an audience by the brands, showing the positive aspects of it, however, real product reviews give me an insight into how different speakers react in the real world. They also give me a comparison of different types of speakers, and which ones people recommend.

Choice magazine undertook a wireless speaker test, which showed that my chosen speaker was ranked 2nd with an overall score of 77%.

After product reviews, I researched into the features, because I wanted a small, portable speaker, which connected on Bluetooth®, had a long-lasting battery life, and was powerful, and that was not over-priced, which perfectly describes the Bose SoundLink Mini II.

The marketing of this product done by Bose shows a sleek and elegant style speaker, with many different features, and also the speaker in use in different situations and environments, enabling the consumer to see that it will fit most needs.


I will buy the Bose SoundLink Mini II from JB Hi-Fi in Chatswood Westfield, because it stocks many Bose products, including this speaker. This location is the most convenient for me because it is the closest location to my home that stocks this speaker. It will allow me to travel a minimal distance, and also, because it is in a shopping centre, I can do other shopping and buy anything else that I need. JB Hi-Fi in Chatswood Westfield allows supplies ample parking for mums and dads, and has an Apple store nearby in which you can buy other products that compliments the Bose SoundLink Mini II.


To purchase the Bose SoundLink Mini II, I can use my debit card and pay through EFTPOS, or I can pay by cash.

Debit Card/EFTPOS

Using my debit card through EFTPOS allows me to minimise my security concerns, while also being quick and convenient. EFTPOS is a widely accepted form of payment and therefore will be unlikely to be rejected by JB Hi-Fi. It lets me avoid carrying large amounts of cash. However, using this system allows the collection and storage of data related to my spending habits. My personal information can also be sold and passed on to other companies without my knowledge. Using my debit card through EFTPOS to make this purchase also increases the possibility of fraud. Funds have been stolen from bank account using deviced which copy the information on your card and record your PIN.


Some advantages of purchasing the Bose SoundLink Mini II using cash include that it allows me to pay immediately, and can be used everywhere. Using cash makes it easier for me to monitor my spendings, because I can see how much I have left at the end of my purchase and if I have paid the correct amount of money. Also, it limits the amount of dealings with banks. However, purchasing this speaker in cash will make my wallet quite bulky, and it is also not very secure and therefore can be easily lost or stolen.

I will use EFTPOS to purchase my Bose SoundLink Mini II because I prefer not to carry $300 for this purchase, along with extra spare cash and various cards, including a credit card and/or debit card. I will use my debit card, because this amount of money will not make a significant difference to my account balance, and therefore I will avoid paying interest.

Faulty Goods...

If I discover a problem with my Bose SoundLink Mini II, I will follow this process:


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