Moments of being: one moment in time

The first time that the words "moment of being" appeared was in the Virginia Wolf's essay "A sketch in the past". She explain why some moments are so memorable, -maybe the moments are not important-that they can be easily recalled, while other moments are easily forgotten. If there are moments of being, it's obvious...there are also moments of non-being.

Moments of being are acts experienced intensely; instead, moments of non-being appear to be moments that you can remember, but not everything that happened.

It is not the the actions that separates moments of being from moment of non-being. One activity is not more extraordinary than the other. Instead, it's the intensity of the feeling, that fix the experience into your brain.

Woolf said that moments of being are moments when someone is fully conscious of what he's doing, a moment when he connect himself to a larger pattern hidden behind the gray daily life.

By Teo Meloni 5T
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Teo Meloni


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