Koyuki Takmine LITERATURE BASED carving project

My character for the literature based carving project is Koyuki Takamine from the manga series Happiness. She is a mage with the ability to make wands and staffs. She takes so much pride in her work that she remembers each staff or wand that she makes in the order that she made them.I chose Koyuki Takamine because i thought that she was an interesting character with an interesting staff.

In the manga, Koyuki Takamine was helping her friend, Kamizaka Haruhi, find the mage who saved her when she was younger. They eventually find him, but he does not remember Kamizaka. She falls in love with him, but he does not love her in return. In the manga, Kamizaka said "takamine-San can't you just make him love me with your staff?" to koyuki. She asked this because she wanted him to love her even if it wasn't true love.

Koyuki Takamine's staff was made of a very light wood with a rough finish. Her staff has a bend near he bottom with a nub of wood sticking up on it. She often stands on this nub in the book ,and she can balance on if for hours at a time. The is a piece of leather wrapped around a part near the top as the handle. at the top, a candle that does not produce heat and cannot light it's surroundings on fire is buried in the wood. The fire of the candle will only go out if Takamine dies.

Koyuki Takamine also has the ability to turn herself into a cat. The cat has shiny black fur and chilling green eyes. As a cat, she can see, hear and feel everything much better than a human can. Although she has much better senses as a cat, she also cat spread diseases as a cat. For example, she can spread Toxoplasmosis and cat scratch fever.

Day 1

I began carving my staff by shaving off the bark near the area where you should hold it. There were two small nubs in the way of where I wanted to carve, but I decided to use them to my advantage instead of trying to cut them off. They were in the perfect place to be a guideline for where to put your middle finger when holding it. I dug deeply into the area inside of the two nubs to make a hole, so it would be .

Day 2

I continued my staff by shaving off more of the bark near the two nubs. If you have never shaved the bark off of a stick before, you should. I used a utility knife to shave off the bark. I also shaved off some extra bark near the top and bottom of the staff for decoration. The wood became harder to carve into after the bark was carved off. I still left the bark around the nub hand-guide so i can still see where to put my finger.

Day 3

I began to carve a swirl into the handle for decoration. I started from the top of the shaved off part and slowly went down to the two nubs. I decided to make the spiral get smaller as it went down the stick for effect. I still left the two nubs for the handle. When I finish the swirl, I will sand the inside of it.

Day 4

I continued my staff by sanding it. I also clear coated it without staining because the stick is not supposed to be darker.

Day 5

I completely finished my stick even though I did not stain it or shave off all of the wood on it. I did not nee to shave off all of the bark for the stick.


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