Assessment of ePortfolio for Principals of Illustration Wichita County High School

The Rubric

Each student enrolled in Principals of Illustration will produce an ePortfolio of their work for the semester. This portfolio should include examples of work from each unit of the course with images showing the attempts leading up to the final product.

Students will show the following criteria in their portfolios:

  • A short slideshow developed on Adobe Spark about illustration and illustrators
  • A narrative of not more than 100 words setting 3 goals for their achievement in this course based on lecture and information from their slideshow
  • examples of their final product and examples leading up to that product
  • separate files for each project in Behance
  • a final ePortfolio in Adobe MyPortfolio
  • narrative with each file explaining the processes involved in creating the product
  • 150 word reflective essay on their learning process, what was learned during the process and how they achieved their goals.
This is the rubric used to assess the Principals of Illustration ePortfolio

This is the link to the student portfolio we put together for this project.

Assessment of ePortfolio for James Doe Spring Semester 2017.

James goal: My goal in illustration is to get better at drawing with the computer. I will use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make good pictures. I will put the pictures on InDesign. I will show the pictures to everyone online.

Your goal works well.

James, I noticed your slideshow is missing from your portfolio. You will need to get that uploaded for a complete grade.

Looks like you have a good start on your branding design. You might want to simplify your design. In branding, simple is better.

Your completed brand has good color and I like your use of geometric shapes. Perhaps it would be good to reduce the size of the brand to the central image with your initials.

I see you have your story written for your comic book and your line drawings done with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. When you save, be sure you have deleted the hand drawn layer or you will have shadow pencil lines in your drawing. If you start with a clean pentool image your completed you will have better luck with your color application.

Your use of the pen tool to add color worked well. Your use of diagonals for the lightning creates action. You may want a lighter image for your cover.

I see you had to crop your image in InDesign. Using a brighter color than the original blue made your title stand out well.

James reflective essay.

I learned alot about drawing and Illustration. I will get better soon.

I'm glad you learned a lot about drawing and illustration, however, the requirement for the reflective essay was 150 words. Please rewrite your essay and add details about what you learned specifically and how you will use these skills in the future.

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