Justinian I Cindy kistner

  • Born inĀ 483, in Tauresium, in modern day Macedonia
  • Died at age 82 in 565 in Constantinople while still ruling Byzantium
  • Came from a peasant family as a child, but was well educated growing up
  • Ruled the Byzantine Empire from 527-565 (38years)
Justinian I Tremissis
  • Well known for being involved in the Nika Riots
  • Was well respected for vast amounts of land in the eastern mediterranean region
  • Always seemed to be involved in warlike conflicts
  • Created Justinian Code
Brief Summary of the Code of Justinian
Nika Riots
  • Had few changes but made large social impacts in society
  • Had the Hagia Sofia rebuilt
  • Created land barricades around his empire
  • Made underground water cisterns for empire
The Hagia Sofia Today
This map shows Justinian's Empire during his 38 year reign as Byzantine Emperor
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