Canes Vision Audio/Video Production Level 1 Class

This course will serve as the foundational course in the Audio & Video Technology & Film pathway. Some of the skills students will learn are camera operation, lighting, audio, and post-production editing, etc. Students will receive guided instruction and learn by doing. This class is heavily project based so the students and learn and demonstrate skills from the class. Projects will also introduce students to working in teams, production deadlines, equipment care, filming techniques and creative problem solving.

Grading Procedures

Video Projects- 40%

Test- 20%

Quiz- 15%

Classwork/Work Ethic- 15%

Mid-Term- 10%

Final- 10%

After School Projects

The nature of the class is to promote the school and all the endeavors of the school. While we will work on projects in class, many projects may need to be filmed after school. I am asking that all students sign-up to complete an after school project. This can include sporting events, chorus/band, and/or videos for the community.

Late Work

Any work missed due to an unexcused absence will result in a zero (0). Any work missed due to an excused absence will have three school days to turn the assignment in for full credit. Late work or Missed Deadline will result in a 10% reduction every school day that it is not turned in. We will be working in groups, so if something isn't turned in, everyone will suffer the consequences.

Level Breakdown

Level 1- Learn the Basics

Level 2- Teacher Led/Project Based- Learn more than the Basics

Level 3- and Above- Canes Vision Announcements Show

Canes Vision Announcements

All Level 3 and above students will provide content and produce a show that airs once a week.The show will highlight anything and everything happening at CHS!

Lettering in Video

Lettering in video will be based on your own efforts to get out and video. This will help you be a better videographer as well as give the class more footage to edit to show off our school.

To letter in video students must earn 750 points. Points can be earned by filming outside the classroom. Filming outside of class for:

• Class Project: 50

• Sporting Event: 50

• Theatre: 50

• Band: 50

• Chorus: 50

• Other Event: 50

Student must fill out an event sheet and have approved by Coach Putnam. When you return to class with the footage, I will sign off on event sheet that it was completed. IT IS UP TO YOU TO KEEP UP WITH ALL OF YOUR PITCH SHEETS TO BE ADDED UP THE LAST WEEK OF APRIL.


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