New Tyres 1200 gs

I was looking for new tyres to put on the GS Sounds easy eh

Since I have had this bike I have tried most of the popular GS tyres and still can't decide on one tyre that does everything ,

Not that there is one of course , so I took myself of to Buckley tyres to have a pair of Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR fitted

Front and rear fitted twenty miles ago this was a big breakfast stop at Sams cafe in Denbigh

First impression was very good to say the least I last used the same roads six weeks ago after having some Avon Trail Riders fitted ( now dead )

And believe it or not these things might look like ruffty tuffty off road how hard am I tyre

But they behave like a well sorted road tyre result

North Yorks
I had a 60 mile blast up the Motorway this morning on them and they behaved impeccable no wobble and no tracking on overbanding even leaned right over

So I am in North Yorkshire and it would be rude not to do a gentle BOAT

High cam road

It might look easy but believe me it was that hot on the day and getting on and off opening and closing gates by yourself leaves you in a sweat

After the last gate

Being a glutton I thought I would fit another little road in before going to Hawes for watering and slimming cakes

What a view
Even the sheep are friendly
Perfect road to try your new 50 /50 tyre

After Bimbling along some beautiful lanes I had to make a made dash South so I could get back before the boss got home from work

Grip right up to the edge result

This was just a brief report on my take on the new Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR

Just a brief update I am now on my third rear and second front and still can't find anything negative to say about them

Its that dam from Top Gear and the old Land Rover
By Leyburn

Sure footed on all road surfaces

theyLove the twisty bits

Just as happy up here as they are in North Yorks

Lake Annecy

Not to bad all the way from here to Lancashire in one go in mostly wet conditions, without having to change my Skids can't be bad


For those interested in mileage you can easily get 4,000 miles from a rear and the front should see two rears off

A lot of people have asked me about road noise, but to be honest with my full Akra system on it to listen to I am not the best person to ask,

What I can say about noise is my mate on the white one in the Dam picture reckons there a lot quieter than his Annakee 3 he swapped them for Result

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