The Island

John wakes up with palm trees in towering over him. He could smell the saltiness of the sea. Under him he could feel the damp and mushy ground. As he got up he could feel the back of his shirt sticking to him because of the mud. John is very confused, he has no idea how he got here.

Just then a coconut comes flying down to the ground about 15 feet away. Now that he sees the coconut realizes that he is thirsty so he starts to walk over to the coconut. After he takes a couple of steps he hears rustling in the bushes. Just then a human pops out of the bushes.

They both take a long look at each other until finally John says, “Hi, I'm John,”

“I'm Jeremy,” the other human replies nervously.

"Do you want to share this coconut?" Jeremy replies, "Sure," right as they were about to crack open the coconut the sky got gloomy, clouds covered the sky and rain started to pour down splashing the muddy ground like bullets. "Let's find cover," John insists.

Jeremy replies, "Good idea,"

When they find cover under a tree both John and Jeremy keep think about ideas on how to get off the island, but they can't think of any. John is exhausted so he lays down on the muddy ground and falls asleep. “Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for impact!” John looked out the window and could see the plane plummeting down to the ground. He takes one more look at his wife and says “I love you,”

John wakes up and now remembers it all, he was on a plane with his family and they crashed on this island.

After the rain stops John looks up at the blue sky. In the corner of his eye he notices that there is smoke in the air which probably meant that the plane crash was over there. Immediately John starts sprinting toward the smoke. Jeremy follows him.

But little does John know that everyone else died in the plane crash. After following the smoke for about 30 minutes, they finally reach the crash site. They could see broken plane parts like chairs, scraps of metal, and even toilets.

John and Jeremy were looking around for hours to find any survivors and possibly his family, just as John was about to give up, he hears a helicopter. "Do your hear that?" Johns asks. "What?" Jeremy replies. They could now see the helicopter coming toward them. They both started jumping up in the air and waving their arms, they could see the helicopter getting closer and closer.

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