Spinnen I Las Hilanderas communal weaving since 2010

Spinnen is a participatory installation by deufert&plischke which focusses on exchange, conversation, movement. The set up introduces the figure and the working method of Arachne: a figure that its marked by exclusion, isolation and metamorphose and that has been sanctioned for her hyper-realistic representations of violence against women and consequently been transformed into a spider. Arachne’s art of weaving ventures an important border crossing by opening up to society: in the act of weaving, society is practiced; at the same time, it appears in all its violence, diversity, and humanity in the fabric that is produced. The workshop addresses everyone who is interested in arachnid, feminist and communicative practices: in talking with each other, in writing to each other, in weaving and spinning collectively.

The space consistently grows with more and more visitors passing it, spending time in there, contributing to it. For each installation deufert&plischke collaborate with a local artist who is interacting with the visitors. The installation traces the work and talks of all its visitors and in the same time it is facilitating workshops, lectures, interventions, all happening while stitching, knitting, sorting, combining ... together.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The videowork Las Hilanderas is part of the installation.

Images from Spinnen / Las Hilanderas at the ifa Galerie Berlin in the frame of "what does it take to cross a border" 2019