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Everything that a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, etc.. all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world.

How do we do this? Through our epic, fantasy, interactive Apple Books. These are extremely media rich, and are the start of your amazing journey!




Our Magickal Apple Books!

Lost Rose Series Part 1
Lost Rose Series Part 2
Lost Rose Series Part 3

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Daniel L Rappaport

Mr. Rappaport has over 25 years of digital media experience, and is the brainchild and main driving force behind Pazzaria Productions. Always a curious sort, he has mastered many different areas of digital media, which is why you see his name across so many different areas here.

He has worked on projects for such high profile studios as Disney, MGM and Fox. He is the recipient of the Lieca Phtographie International Master Shot Gallery Acceptance, as well as worked on the film Wild, which went on to receive two Academy Award Nominations.

There are many individuals whom have contributed to the success of Pazzaria Productions. As time goes on, those people may have more significant and continued permanent roles to play. Such proper credit, above, will be given at the time of service.


Our Future...

Spark's Magical Sketches Kindle eBook

This Kindle eBook will, once again, revolutionize the publishing industry through a totally unique way to view art. With interactive galleries, that lead to magical transitional imagery, which then lead to adventurous clues for the guest's own personal adventure within our world, this will be a truly unforgettable and wondrous experience!


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Pazzaria Productions and Pazzarian Interconnected Media magically present a Midsummer Night's Dream. This will be an interactive piece that will take advantage of many different forms of media.


L I G H T - A Themed Environment

Pazzaria Productions and Innovative Magical Environments magically present L I G H T - A Themed Environment. It will be a new form of themed, built , location based entertainment.



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