through innocent eyes by justus, petrucelli

siren song

i squeeze my eyes shut

make it stop

the siren song

tariq goes

i wait

im sure he forgot

not going to look

the spot he died

no one loves tariq as much as me

the phone rings and rings

mommy picks up


aginst the wall

quiet in the house


its scary now to go to sleep

the look for the dark is the same

now that hes gone

coffin: white

skin: brown

people: crying

coffin: out of sight


big board of photographs: still so still


a knife

with a red strap

smooth case of leather


its not a toy

hoodie hoodie

mommy says

hoodie hoodie

for tariq

no hoodie

tariq would not have made me

tariqs knife

but no one can see

people look

maybe they knew

maybe they guessed


"where did you get this?"

tyrell look across the street

the bad boys dressed in red

"i have to hide it !"

this is what were going to do

is it a secret

yes, our secret

we look at the tall grey gate

no no no

i close my eye and pretend

no no no

"lets try to be brave"

"like tariq"

words borrowed from How it Went Down by Kelka Magoon


Created with images by shining.darkness - "flowers" • huynhphu9191 - "lights bokeh blue" • Leonid Mamchenkov - "Snickers" • ThomasWolter - "road town paved" • sashafatcat - "phone" • Nieve44/Luz - "untitled image" • libertygrace0 - "Graves" • Didriks - "Small Berti Chef's Knife" • Harlequeen - "Swearing Hoodie" • fsHH - "human personal man" • Jonathan Rolande - "Brick Wall" • Ramdlon - "secret hidden message" • Tama66 - "fence iron wrought iron" • Spider.Dog - "Street"

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