Trading in West Africa. By: Charlie Conroy


The West African part of the Silk Road included the Songhai Empire, the Mali Empire, and the Ghana Empire. These Empires play a big role in trading on the Silk Road.

What they traded.

In West Africa people traded silk, gold, jade, horses, and camels. Trading played a big part in west Africa.


People from the African Empires use to ride horses and camels to trade and to get to other places to trade. Also, people use to trade horses.

Why they traded

The West African Empires were trading because some empires did not have salt but wanted it for food and to trade for more items like gold and other goods.


Geography affected trading because it was very hard to get around and trade because the desert was very hot and there was little water.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is if there is a lot of something the price of it is low but if there isn't a lot of something then the price is high.

Gold vs Salt

The two most important thing that the African trade routes had was gold and salt. Salt was just as valuable as gold in Africa.


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