In Defense of Donna Osborn Rhetorical Appeal Presentation

In defense of Donna Osborn I take up thee defendant not guilty. For even at such prosecutions, Donna Osborn should not be charged of such crimes. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come today in order to take up Donna Osborn as her defense and to plead her innocence to the jury and the judge as best as I can. I believe emotionally, logically, and credibility prescribed throughout statements so far, further emphasizes that she is not guilty.

Clinton Griffin (Osborn)

As stated by the testimony Kim Lenore “underpinnings of the battered woman syndrome were all present here”, Donna Osborn was a victim of her husband, demonstrating symptoms of an abused spouse, thus explaining scientifically why women like Donna do not just simply leave or “escape”. The battered woman syndrome have four stages; denial, guilt, enlightenment, and responsibility. Being threatened constantly by the abuser that is Clinton she had no choice but to try and free herself, as she struggle the abuser didn’t stop, thus reaching a point where Donna’s mind was being twisted and played. When Clinton picked up the bat and threatened her she had no choice but to respond to his actions except to fire her gun at him.

Furthermore, Jack Mathews testified how “She was hesitant at first but soon she poured her heart out to me. She told me about what was going on with Clint. She described years of physical abuse and isolation”. This woman was desperate, do you know how she felt being abused after all these years? Not having any help or guidance, being undervalued by your spouse and being too insignificant to your other half? Having being treated as if you were not human and have little to no power as an adult? These important factors are what should be looked upon more seriously and should be revised by the jury more delicately.

Discussing the case

Finally, it is only obvious that she was being abused, as Lee Harris confirms that “she reported that she had been pushed down a flight of stairs by her husband Clinton Osborn. Her broken arm was set by Dr. Crown on March 5”. There is inumerous evidences that she was hurt both emotionally and physically, still want to argue? Donna suffered injuries for a long time, “She also reported at that time that she had been subjected to verbal abuse, pushing and shoving by her husband since the summer of 1988”, and thus we can conclude that her actions should be just and acceptable in every way.


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