Sports Day At Bankfields School

Sophie's Sports Day

Getting ready
Egg and Spoon Race
Sophie was 3rd.
Run, bench, hoops and back
Sophie's bench action
In and out of the markers
Lovely action

Space Hopper Race

And they're off!
Sophie kept falling off backwards!
But she got to the finish!

More sports action

Get the bean bags in the hoop

Get the balls in the box.

Run, put a poncho on, run some more take it off, run to the end
50m dash
Run, Sophie, Run!

Next, quoit on your head or deportment as ladies' finishing schools would call it!

Christine with our heroine
Sophie helping out at the end
Carrying the water bottles
In the end, she and this boy carried them

Joshua's Sports Day

In the afternoon, it was KS2's turn at their sports day. We arrived just before the first event started.

First even was Run, Poncho and Shorts, run back

Then it was getting as many bean bags as you could into a hoop. 3 points per bag for furthest away, then 2 point and 1 point for starting closer.

Joshua scored 1 in the hoop = 3 points

Up next was throwing a basketball from a sitting position.

Look at the effort!

Hocky Dribble

This was where we moved to the tennis / basketball court as dribbling on grass doesn't work!

Next it was bouncing a ball of a small angled net and catching it up to 3 times.

Josh cauth it all 3 times!

Javelin (or should it be big darts?)

Since letting KS2 kids throw pointy bits of metal around could be considered dangerous, the Javelin involves throwing polystyrene darts! We discovered later it was being done in the wrong place on the field. There was an area marked out with radial distances further down the field!

Next was running with a bean bag on your head, or as girls should call it, deportment, thought that was done with a book on your head.

Long Jump (from a squatting position)

The next activity involved squatting on a disc at the start of a plastic tape, marked every 20cm and jumping forward as far as you could

First attempt
Just under a metre
Second attempt
1m 80cms, much better.

The Cargo Net (Josh's worst nightmare)

Although most seemed to enjoy this race, Josh seemed to struggle!

After the cargo net was a skipping race

Last event was the 100m dash.

Josh sets off at a lick

Josh came 3rd.

That was it, a great day.

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