The Paper Brain Takes on Spring Break By Faith Kruis

Big Spike the Hedgehog was a little camera shy and afraid of the brain
Beauxdy curled up on the couch and modeled the brain
I ended up in the chicken coop... let's just say it took about 5 minutes to get them to eventually come close to me, and that was with the help of the dogs scaring them from outside
My mom (and the brain) wanted the picture to be taken & then get out of there... Rowdy and Morgan aren't the nicest birds
Marlin wasn't too sure about the brain, at least he didn't pee on it 🤷🏻‍♀️
Moose didn't like the brain one bit :(
Fortunately for the fish, they didn't have to come in contact with the brain
It took tons of turtle food to bring them somewhat close to the brain
It took all weekend to finally get the brain on top of Chase
Enzo had to be distracted by food in order to put the brain near him

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