As Long as it is Meaningful, Perfection is Irrelevant. The portfolio of alejandro osorno-------

My name is Alejandro Osorno and I am a student enrolled in the Art and Design Foundation Program at George Brown College, and I reside in Brampton, ON. I am interested in the format process of digital animation, to see how the movements of cartoons are made just through a series of photos. I am extremely fond of this, because the main reason I got into the art industry is to learn more about the animation, to be able to be one of the artists behind the scenes of a program, film, or video game. I wish to proceed and explore with future educational programs that can give me more of a sole sense and feel to animation. I intend on building a path of my own to one day become a successful 3D Animator. I relate to this in an artistic manner, because I feel I have enough skills to turn a passion into a career. I was always and still am very fond of drawing, more specifically drawing cartoons, making comic strips, etc. I have a background feel to 3D Animation, and with all the interests I have for this, I am able to solely focus on how its done, how to turn just a couple of drawings into a scene as if I were watching my own cartoons.

Of course, coming all this way I wasn't alone. I received a lot of help from my professors, fellow peers and more significantly, other artists. Here are 3 quotes that helped me come this far.

1) “Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.” - Duane Hanson

2) “A piece of art is never a finished work. It answers a question which has been asked, and asks a new question.” - Robert Engman

3) “Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.” - Salvador Dali

Alejandro Osorno - Cell # (647) 893-0757 - Email:

Below are some of the artwork I've done so far in this Art and Design Foundation Program at George Brown College:

Life Drawing has shown me how to properly draw head to body shapes and sizes using various techniques and formulas taught, of course, taught from my professor. The use of value is a significant key factor when sketching, because it gives us a 3-Dimensional and more realistic drawing.

The photos above were from the beginning of the semester, so I was still learning the proper techniques. 20 min sketch
This was a 30 min sketch which happened around midterm.
1 hour sketch - near the end of the semester, done on grey canson paper with pencil crayons.

I was taught how to properly use stippling and hatching/cross-hatching into my drawings to help form value and a more realistic perspective.

Batman - hatching and cross-hatching were mainly used here.

I've gotten more familiar with colours, for example: the different kinds of colour palettes, colour combinations, medium use.

Although this isn't perfectly done, this was my first and only time using gouache paint and I am proud of my work. This is new to me, and exploring and getting out my comfort zone has given me more knowledge in the art field.

I learned that marketing is one of, if not the most significant of key factors when one has a career in the art industry.

The logo I created for a marketing project. "AO" stand for my initials- Alejandro Osorno.


Created with images by Unsplash - "life beauty scene"

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