Art 1 Semester 1

This piece is just random things. It makes me feel like I am moving around, because all of the names are in different positions.

This drawing makes me feel kind of sad because of how dark and black and white it is. This sphere shading drawing uses lines and shapes to create a variety of textures or patterns.
This drawing was made with oil pastels, it uses organic shapes. The feeling that I get from this is excitement because it looks like the shapes are splattering all over.
My self portrait makes me feel happy because it turned out better than i thought it would. It varies the character of line thickness, length, width, and value.
This photo of my paper sculpture uses bright color which should give viewers a happy feeling. I used a variety of techniques to create a range of values.
This photo of Abby and I's sculpture creeps me out but the bright magenta color makes it less creepy. This sculpture uses value descriptively and expressively.
This still life wood drawing makes me feel mysterious because i don't know where it came from. This drawing uses contrasts in design elements to create visual interest in a composition.
This drawing reminds me of a guy, i don't know why, i just think that it looks more manly. It recognizes proportion: the relation of one part to another or to the whole, with respect to size, weight, or quantity.
This graffiti design identifies and uses color themes, for example: analogous or complementary color themes. I feel like this is one of my best art projects.
This project shows my view of a bunch of emotions. It recognizes and uses repetitions of art elements to create a rhythm, a visual beat.
This graffiti design was meant to kind of look like a galaxy. This design recognizes and uses art elements to create a feeling of movement.
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Madyson Grove

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