First Person Shooters Quinn Franken & Giel dobbelsteen

we are going to talk about first person shooters, there are a lot of first person shooters, the abbreviation of first person shooter is FPS. but we are not going to talk about all of them. we are going to talk about 2. the games that we are going to talk about are: Battlefield and Call Duty. They are one of the most popular first person shooters at the moment.


The game creators are EA and DICE, they maked the first Battlefield game. Battlefield is known for big maps, many players all in the same match, the vehicles and planes . the first Battlefield came out game on ten September 2002 and it is called Battlefield 1942. You could play Battlefield 1942 on Windows and Max OS X.It gave the player the feeling that they were a soldier in the second world war. You could ride vehicles like tanks and jeeps. You could even fly planes. In the time DICE released this game, it was absolutely amazing that a player could do this.

The second game was Battlefield Vietnam and the third game was Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2 game was agame changer. Because you could play campaign, a gamemode where you play in a story. You were an American soldier in a third world war and you had to fight against the chinese empire. The game was mainly focused on Multiplayer, if you play multiplayer, you will play against other real people in a 16 versus 16 match, 32 versus 32, or even 64 versus 64. Battlefield 2 featured Commanders in the game. If you were the Commander you could scan the whole map and then you could see all the enemies on the minimap. The Commander could drop a jeep or a boot by a teammate. You even could drop bombs on a small area. DICE featured a new game mode too, the name was Conquest, you have to take flag till the enemies don’t have any points left. Dice made another version of Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. You could play Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on a console.

The sixth Battlefield game was Battlefield Bad Company. And it was an amazing game. You could play campaign and Multiplayer. In multiplayer was a new game mode featured: gold rush. With this new gamemode, the aim is to defend or Attack crates with gold in it, and if the attackers destroyed the crates, they have to move on to the next objective. You could play this Battlefield game on Playstation 3 and on the Xbox 360.

The next Battlefield Bad Company game is: Battlefield Bad Company 2. Some people say Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the best game of all Battlefield games. Because you could destroy almost everything with grenades, rockets or grenade launchers. And you had a lot of weapons to choose from, the maps are bigger and the Battlefield fans were loving it.

In 2011 came Battlefield 3 out and Battlefield 4 came out in 2013. there not so many difference between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 had better graphics, but it doesn't make a big difference.

The next Battlefield game was Hardline, it was kind of a cops against robbers game. You had to play as a cop or as a robber. It was the first Battlefield game on next gen. And it was the first Battlefield game that made by Visceral games in collaboration with DICE.

The next and final Battlefield game is Battlefield 1. The game gives a player the feeling that he is a soldier in the first world war. DICE featured a new game mode that is called operations, the aim is to capture or defend objective and if you do i right you will move on to the next objective. Some people say this game will be the best Battlefield game ever, because the great graphics and the massive destruction.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the most popular FPS in the world. Call of Duty is made out of 3 game creators: Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer. in the past Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer where together. but Sledgehammer thought they could start there one group. and it paid out. Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward together made some very good games, for example “Modern Warfare 4”. that was the fourth Call of Duty. the first three were not very popular. but Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a very good game. many people liked the game and it made a lot of money.

after that game it was Treyarch's turn. they made the game “Call of Duty World at War”, the game was amazing. the game played well and the players were amazed. then Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer made their second game in Modern Warfare franchise “Modern Warfare 2”. this game was one of the best games ever sold. the players loved it. the game made so much money, it was unbelievable. this game was so good, players even play it to this date!

then Treyarch came back, and they came back strong. They surprised the fans with a new franchise “Call of Duty Black Ops”. the fans were surprised because the did not give us a Call of Duty World at War 2. but still, Black Ops blew their minds. it gave the players a whole new experience with better graphics and a great story line. the players were surprised how well the game played.

Then Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer continued the Modern Warfare series with “Modern Warfare 3”. This game was the best selling game Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer ever made. the fans were so happy to see that they were continuing the Modern Warfare series. the game played so good that people are still playing it!

but Treyarch also continued the Black Ops series, the fans were not liking the trailer and it became the most disliked trailer on YouTube. But Treyarch surprised everyone. this game, Black Ops 2 was the best selling game Call of Duty ever created! the game was great! the players played it all day and are still playing this game, was the best!

after Black Ops 2 Infinity ward and Sledgehammer made “Call of Duty Ghosts”, this game was the first game on next gen: Xbox one and Playstation 4. this was a very big step for the players. the game had realistic graphics because of the step to next gen. this game was a great game but it still got a lot of hate by the players. allot of people did like it, but the majority of them did not. this was not the best game Call of Duty made.

after Call of Duty Ghosts Sledgehammer decided to make their one games. the first game they made was “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare”, this was the first game that introduced thrusters, Jetpacks. allot of people liked the sound of that, but surely after the game came out allot of peoples opinions changed. they did not like this game, it was to fast paced because of the boost jumps, you could jump 20 meters high and 20 meters forward.”it was to futuristic” did the fans say.

then Call of Duty needed to step their game up. and they did! With Treyarch’s new “Call of Duty Black Ops 3”. This game also had thrusters. but was less paced than Advanced Warfare, because you could not boost forward. this was a well made game, because the thrusters are in the game but you could not boost to the left, right, up and down. this game was well sold and a fan favourite.

then last year, Infinity Ward made their new game “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” another Call of Duty with thrusters. but the fans were done with the thrusters, they wanted classic boots on the ground. that is why Infinite Warfare was the most disliked Call of Duty video of all time! but there was one thing the fans were loving about this year's Call of Duty: They remastered Call of Duty 4! they brought the game back on next gen with better graphics, but there was a downfall. you could not buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered without buying Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Still a lot of people bought it even tho they needed to buy Infinite Warfare with it. This year it's a surprise what Call of Duty is going to give us. Who knows??

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