How do concussions affect the mind after getting one? Bennett waltErs

This image shows the difference between a normal healthy brain and an Advanced CTE brain.Symptoms of CTE (1) dizziness, and headaches. (3/4) progressive Motor impairment, such as difficulty walking, tremor, loss of muscle movement, weakness or rigidity, another symptom is suicidal thoughts.
Multiple hits to the head, like this example above, can result in Post Conncusion Syndrome. A desease causing you to not feel like yourself and making you have symptoms of a concussion when you don't have one.

No contact sports well you are in luck, becuase there something really surprising about people without contact sports there is no Sientific Evidence to long term side effects in non contact sport athletes.

Importance of your brain and why to keep it safe

How to Protect Your Brain

What doctors say about how to protect your brain... Dr. English recommends learning concussion signs and symptoms, undergoing baseline neurocognitive and vestibular testing if you are an athlete or very active individual, and, if you sustain a minor concussion

My Conclusion Statement

In conclusion, yes and no to there are long term effects on the brain after getting one. Why I say this is becuase as I mentioned earlier there is no scientific evidence that non athletes have long term efftects after getting a concussion. But there is scientific evidence in athletes that do have effects on the brain after getting one. So there is a mixed answer to my question, all I can say right now is that I believe that there are long term effects after testing a concussion.

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