Who Are You Calling Ugly? Alexis Evans

Home to some of the best comfort food in Kennesaw, the Ugly Biscuit sits right off of South Main Street in a quaint building with the same pleasantly surprising aesthetic as a mobile home. The one story restaurant has a relatively open space with walls here and there to divide the areas. The charming place features colored walls, reminiscent of autumn with wood paneling that gives the inside a feel of being inviting and understanding. Amazing, light-hearted artwork is on full display, making the place comparable to a hippie with the eye of an art connoisseur.
The Ugly Biscuit, founded by Chuck Fernandez and David Gillespie, has a 4.3 rating and a high customer return rate. Though the atmosphere is tight, there's more than enough room for anyone to let out their true colors and they're belt lines for some good Southern cookin'. The most served item on the 3 page menu is the ugly biscuit and it certainly lives up to its name. Although not pretty looking, customers rave that it sure feels good when it settles in your belly. This small place has been making big strides and shows no signs of slowing down.
The Ugly Biscuit has wooded paneling and plenty of windows. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
Restaurant co- founder, David Gillespie shows a host how to edit an order. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
A server stands by the chalk- written menu to answer any of the guests' questions. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
For those who need a closer look at the menu, the full itemized list can be found at the hostess stand. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
Artwork is on display around the restaurant, but especially in between the restroom and front door. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
The restroom offers an alternative, modern twist to the design of the rustic restaurant. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
A server pours water for a guest with one of the mason jars which are on full display. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans
Behind the restaurant are train tracks that are still in use. Photo Cred: Alexis Evans


Alexis Evans

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