The Ozark Mountains Home of the Ozark Hellbender

The Ozark mountains are located in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. . These mountains are mined for zinc and lead. It is thought that the name Ozark came from "Aux Arc" which was a French trading post established in the 1700's. There are many picturesque waterfalls located in the Ozark mountain region.

This is one of the biggest salamanders in the world. It is called the Ozark Hellbender. This animal is species of aquatic salamander that lives around the region of eastern North America. The Hellbender is part of the Cryptobranchidae family. Unfortunately, the Ozark Hellbender is a candidate for the endangered species list.

The highest point of the Ozarks are the Boston Mountains. They stand 2,000 feet tall. These mountains are located in Arkansas. The views here are simply amazing!

In this video, you will see the amazing physical features along with several fun activates of the Ozark mountains. After this video you find might just hop on to Arkansas!

The Ozark Mountains has a ton of exciting activities for people for all ages. You can go from relaxing and enjoying the majestic view of the waterfalls to flying above the trees on a zip line!. Other fun activities that the Ozarks have to offer include biking, hiking, canoeing, waterskiing, hunting, fishing and enjoying dinners in the nearby quaint little towns. The Ozark Mountains have it all!

This informational tells you all about the geography of the mountains. Also, it informs us about where the mountains start and where they end. Lastly, it states how many miles each part of the mountain is in each state.


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