Best Butcher in Texas Competition By kari underly

We gathered in Austin, Texas on April 28 and 29th to choose the best butcher in Texas. It was my honor to participate as a judge for this competition, which was sponsored by the Texas Beef Council. The goal was to raise awareness of the expertise, high quality service, and value the art of butchery offers. The winners from each of the 3 regional contests came away with $2,500 and an opportunity to bring home another $5,000 and the title of Best Butcher in Texas!

Day one of the competition was held at the Texas Beef Council headquarters in Austin. The first part required the contestants to sit for a 20 minute individual interview with the judges. The second part of the competition was called: Cut for Display/Retail Merchandising. Contestants were asked to fabricate and merchandise a Full Loin for consumer ready purchase. All competitors had access to various display items and garnishes to use for final display. Contestants were then asked to arrange the cuts on a display tray, label each cut, and turn in completed tray for judging.

Sharpen your knives!

Contestants find out they will be fabricating and merchandising a Full Loin for consumer ready purchase.

Judges are ready. Let's begin! Contestants have one hour.

Houston Regional Finalist: Michael Majksazak, Majkszak Meat Market

Dallas Regional Finalist: Shawn Knowles, Old Town Butcher Shop

San Antonio Regional Finalist: Bryan Butler, Salt & Time

Austin cook, writer, TV host and professional Hardcore Carnivore, Jess Pryles emceeing the day's events.

Jess Interviews one of the judges: Dr. Jeff Savell, Texas A&M University.

Hmm, what do we have here?

Judges taking notes

Competing for the trophy and $5,000


Time for questions from the judges.

The third part of the competition was: Cut to Order. Contestants were asked to fabricate (4) four 16-ounce steaks, (4) four 10-ounce steaks, and (4) four 6-ounce steaks from a Boneless Strip Loin within 5 minutes. The judges are looking to see how close each competitor is to the desired weight. Each piece of beef will be measured on the same scale for accuracy. Each competitor will have access to a scale; they can weigh any steak they cut and use it for a baseline weight. Any steak that is put on the scale cannot be turned in for judging.

What's next, Jess?
Time to weigh the 6 oz, 10 oz, & 16 oz steaks
No pressure.
Day 1 is a wrap. We had some fun!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Best Butcher in Texas Competition. We're at the Austin Food + Wine Festival.

Victorinox knife kits and gear for the contestants

Contestants must fabricate and merchandise a 103 Rib for consumer ready purchase. Alll competitors will have access to various display items and garnishes to use for final display. Contestants will be asked to arrange their cuts on a display tray, label each cut and turn in their completed tray for judging. They will be evaluated on technique, presentation, creativity, and interview.

The contestants had a 30 minute time limit.

And the Best Butcher in Texas is …

Bryan's wife rushes to congratulate his well deserved win!

Bryan Butler, Salt & Time #BestButcherinTX

Well done, everyone!

Keep it sharp and keep cutting!

Thanks to the Texas Beef council for putting on a great event!

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