Moldavia By: Michael Frey

Politics: In my society, there is a council or a group of elders that organize and orchestrate the rules and conduct in the society. The Council began by the group of people who first wanted to create a perfect society. Once they die, there is people carefully chosen by every other member of the council who have been watched and tested to see if they will be the perfect match for the next generation council member. There is an accountability system to where if one wants drastic change or acts abstract in the goals for the society, the council will vote on the outcome of the council member. The people in the society are all treated completely equal, are happy, and have the same beliefs.

Council Building

Economics: The economy of Moldavia is very prosperous. Everything is grown, produced, and distributed within itself. This assures everything is safe, proper to use, and high enough quality. Keeping everything when Moldavia is simple because the land is so fertile and has absolutely everything to supply an adequate amount for human life. Not going to other countries makes everyone in the society to have a job. There is 0% unemployment rate in Moldavia. Everyone in Moldavia is given equal amount of everything necessary. However, wants are able to be bought for benefit with the currency of Tovian coins given by the government.

Moldavia Currency

Religion: In Moldavia, each and every person is agnostic. Meaning that they do not believe nor disbelieve in a higher power or religious doctrine. They claim that it is impossible to know how the universe was created and if higher beings exist. Being agnostic, there is no argument on whether or not someone is practicing their religion correctly or not. They simply focus on themselves and each other by making their society happy by being useful and contributing in positive ways. There is no hatred or pain whatsoever. Negativity has completely been taking out of everyones mind.

Moldavia's symbol of religion

Social Structure: Moldavia is a place where social classes do not exist but there is indeed a large amount of structure. With everyone getting paid the same amount no matter the task, it is impossible to have a lower/middle/upper class when everything besides occupation and genetics are different. There is an exception to the council who keep things in order by establishing routines with the citizens because they are the ones who made everything possible and guidelines are set to made sure things stay that way. For the few members in the society who do not fit the standard, they are released from the society as a whole. This is a rare occurrence that only happens to keep the society "perfect". Each and every person is given the exact same amount of Tovian coins and has free will to spend it on hobbies and interests such as yo-yos, paint brushes, and etc.

Moldavia Estates
Moldavia Greenhouses/Farms

Every person in Moldavia is given the same exact type of house with the same yard and house space. This makes it to where there is no feelings of jealousy or resentment resulting in hatred and any type of negative feelings.

Building of Pathways

In Moldavia, you are watched all the way from a young age until you are 16, (the year of adulthood). When you turn 16, you go to a council member at the building of pathways and all of your personality traits, skills, and passions will help in the choosing of your life long career; putting you in a place where you will be most content and beneficial for the society.

Moldavia Theatre

Arts/Entertainment: Moldavia is a fun filled never ending happiness society where there is no such thing as pain, hatred, or any type of negative feeling that could cause sadness. Entertainment is a big part of the everyday life in Moldavia! Things anywhere from watching a play at the Moldavian Theatre's to playing at your local community's game building or taking a stroll through art galleries from the workings of people in the community.

Moldavia's isolated beautiful location

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