Punta Cana Adventures By: Isbella vigil

Airplane ride to Punta Cana! Here, we are passing over Turks and Caicos.. the water was very blue and the clouds looked very interesting :)
The entrance to Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana was Justin Bieber mania!! The people were very kind as well

I captured this photo of my little sister laughing out by the beach! I love the sand and green trees that you can see in the background... she was so in love with this beach..

Another photo of my other sister on the island! We got the chance to drink some fresh coconut water' it was so different

Portrait BELOW

Justin Bieber Concert

we attended the Justin Bieber concert which was the highlight of my trip! He was so enthusiastic and kind to the crowd and his music was so fun and beautiful! Something I will never forget... these captured images show his talent and love for what he does

This is the photo I chose for creative freestyle because this photo was so effortless to take. The trees, cabanas, and breeze were so relaxing and this photo captures just that.

Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana

This hotel was the best I've ever stayed at! From the food, to the scenery and beaches, to the spas, lobby, activities, and my favorite, its various POOLS:) 

My Favorite Photo

I think the reason for my love of this photo is how I felt while I took it! I was so happy and carefree and I just wanted a piece of photography to capture that emotion :)
We also went snorkeling and were given little pieces of bread that really attracted the many fish over to us... I have never experienced something like this before !

Good bye Punta Cana

As we were leaving to board the plane, we had a special experience with special singers delivering a small show as we left ✈️

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