Football's made of pigskin By: Jaylen Foley

The skin/bladder would be used for a football

A football was once made of pigskin. This would help the players without gloves like the Quarterback grip the football better. It is now made of pig bladder. This does serve the same purpose as the pigskin.

Walter The Creator

The person who invented football is Walter Camp. He made football from a college game called Rugby. Football is contact sport and leads to various injurie

Walter Camp and his amazing creation of a sport.

Football and it's creator
Different forms of football! Football has many faces

Football has different styles in different places. There is flag football,Soccer (Which Britans call Football) and American football.

Football is a very hurtful sport and now they have extra padding inside the helmets and you can buy padding for on top of the helmet aswell

Created By
Jaylen Foley


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