Do you pass the Coffee Test? Anaiya M. Bobo

U.S. Middle and high schools begin too early in the morning, and the lack of sleep students get harshly affects their overall performances.

The earlier schools start the earlier students have lunch - some students have lunch as early as 10 a.m. which increases a student's snack consumption throughout the day and decreases the amount of students who eat breakfast in the morning.

Schools are affecting students academic performance, early school start time = fatigue = effect in decision-making process = lack of energy which is essential for students to do anything at all.

School start times don't just affect your performance, it affects your diet. Lack of sleep and fatigue increases students consumption of snacks and coffee which when consumed too much is bad for a students nutrition and diet.

It could be argued that early school start times are beneficial to a students extracurricular activities because it gives kids more sunlight to work with. This being said, without the proper amount of energy students performance in their activities won't be as good.

Students need more time to sleep in the mornings, and a later school start time would open the door to better grades, decreased health issues from caffeine and overall better performances. Don't you want your child to be able to do their best?

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