How many types of big cats are there by hayden koopman

There are 8 different types of big cats one type of big cat is a jaguar others are snow leopards another type of big cat is a puma pumas are also known as mountain lion or cougars one other one is a cheetah cheetahs can run 85 miles an hour but run out of energy very fast another is a lion lions are my favorite they are very fascinating

What do big cats eat

Some big cats eat gezel that is what the cheetah usually eats because gezel are very fast but even a cheetahs cannot always catch them these are some things lions eat

Lion eat zebra and sometimes try to kill gezel but sometimes are not successful lions sometimes eat buffalo because they usually feed other lions in their


Where do big cats live

Some big cats live in the jungle like lions jaguars but it is sad because we are cutting down the trees where they live and it is uncool because they are really close to us so they attack lions also live in grasslands and i think we should keep them safe.

How do big cats socialize

When Big cats socialize it is weird because they rub bodies and lick each other and get up close that is what i have got to say about big cats.


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